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Shooed away

Posted in Uncategorized by mrochele on December 15, 2008

President dodges foreign footwear

Over the past few days I have been thinking about what exactly I plan to write about on this blog. For now, I’ve decided to focus on news stories I am either covering or just stories I read which are of particular interest.

This entry is on the later, since I am not covering any stories right now.

Today, President Bush kept his cool as he dodged a pair of shoes hurled at him during a press conference in Baghdad when he made an unannounced visit to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The video, courtesy of YouTube and Google News, explains the story in more detail, and I must say I applaud Bush’s nonchalant reaction. (Though not literally, because applauding to your computer is awkward, as is laughing out loud.)

“‘If you want the facts, it was a size 10,’ he joked,” according to the Associated Press, who described the president as not taking the act too seriously.

For all of the criticism Bush has received in his eight years as commander in chief, I think people overlook his genuinely calm reactions to verbal, and now physical, attacks. He is constantly under fire from the public, yet he tends to be understanding of the personal ridicule and keeps a smile on his face.

Maybe this characteristic is part of his declining popularity among U.S. citizens. Perhaps this trait has caused him to ‘stick to his guns’ too often, and make poor decisions for the country. But, in a time where politicians are frequently called out for flip-flopping on issues, being flaky or outright liars, I think Bush has maintained a high level of sincerity and consistency.

I don’t know how I’d react if shoes were thrown at me. It has never happened to me nor has it ever crossed my mind. However, I doubt I’d have such a lighthearted reaction as the president.

I’m not saying Bush’s composure during the ‘shoe-bombing’ makes him a good leader for this country; but it is certainly admirable, as are his ninja-like reflexes.


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