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Things you notice at 4 a.m.

Posted in Uncategorized by mrochele on December 12, 2008

So, I’ve been working on starting up this blog all night.

A lot of work has gone into it so far. I had to make an account and then name the site. I had to write that ‘About Me’ page (which I basically copied an pasted from my Web site). And, most importantly I had to choose the ‘theme’ for the site.

Basically, the theme is how the entire site is laid out and designed. From color schemes, to font, to where the links are, to how narrow or wide the page is. It is all very complex.

I had to choose from 73 different possible themes (if my math is correct). After about an hour of trying out different ones, I settled on the one you’re looking at. I was happy with it and left the blog alone for a few hours.

Now, it’s a little after 4 a.m. I came back to this blog because I wanted to at least post something so it would officially become a blog. I don’t know if what I have right now, a blog with no posts, really counts. I’d hate it if someone actually stumbled upon this creation only to find a blogless blog. The title of this pre-blog would make me a liar and a hypocrite, which are not desirable qualities for my possible future in journalism.

So, in trying to think of what to post here I was initially stuck. The first post has to be good. No one just wants to have a blog, they want a good blog, or a funny blog, or an interesting blog.

I stared at my screen trying to figure out what could possibly qualify for such an important moment in this blog’s brief history.

Then, I thought I saw some dust on my screen. I tried to scratch it off with my finger, but nothing happened. I looked closer and saw a very small, hardly noticable smiley face. I tried to click it away or highlight it and delete it, but nothing worked.

This smiley face is a permanent part of my blog’s theme and now that I know it’s there it’s so hard to ignore. Here I was thinking I was ready to post something, when it may be that I have to pick out another theme.

UPDATE: Today is now Thursday, December 18, and I have changed the blog’s theme. The smiley face was not really bothering me much anymore, however the narrow width of each post was. If I wanted to include a picture in a post, there was no space to wrap text alongside it. I think this new theme just gives me some more options in how I lay out each post.


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